Spraymalts are fine powder dried malt extracts. Drying is achieved by the use of a spraydrier, a process which produces particularly uniform powders both in terms of particle size and flavour.

Spraymalts offer the user several benefits:-

  • a rich malty flavour.
  • a natural colouring medium
  • a valuable source of fermentable sugars

In addition, Spraymalts can be weighed out with pinpoint accuracy and are ideally suited to dry-mix processes. They can be used in many of the traditional areas to replace liquid extracts.

Several interesting variations of Spraymalt are manufactured for specific applications.

We have also developed Hopped Spraymalts that offer an interesting flavour alternative for certain areas of food manufacture.

In order to ensure our Spraymalts arrive in perfect condition they are packaged in double-ply cartons of 25kg with double polythene liners for extra protection.

Muntons Spraymalts are only made from the finest 2-Row barley malt. Spraymalt Wheat is predominantly a blend of wheat malt and a smaller proportion of barley malt.