Malted Wheat Flakes are produced by the steaming and delicate rolling of malted wheat grains, before being dried on a fluid bed dryer. This method of drying ensures the uniformity of colour and flavour of the malted cereal is carried through into the final flake.

When used in specialist breads, Malted Wheat Flakes can be used as a bread topping or as an integral part of the dough, at an inclusion rate of up to 25% of flour weight. Muntons Malted Wheat Flakes contribute a characteristic and traditional malty flavour to baked goods, breakfast cereals and confectionery.

In addition Malted Wheat Flakes offer the user several benefits:-

  • a natural fibre source
  • a provider of texture
  • a natural colouring medium

The colour and thickness of Muntons Malted Wheat Flakes can be varied to meet individual customer requirements

Muntons Malted Wheat Flakes are packed in polythene-lined paper sacks of 25 kg, or alternatively IBC bags.